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Renaissance Hidden Gems of Milan Private Tour

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Discover Milan’s Hidden Gems

This tour gives you the opportunity to visit the monuments of Milan that are not as famous as the main attractions but are on the same level of beauty. We are talking about the Sforza Castle, featuring a masterpiece by Michelangelo inside, the Church of San Maurizio, considered the Sistine Chapel of Milan, and the church of San Satiro.

Start by meeting your guide at the main entrance of the Sforza Castle, go inside, and relax while marveling at the beauty of the courtyards, gardens, and facades. Once inside, you can visit the Pietà Rondanini of Michelangelo, a true example of his talent!

The next stop is the Church San Maurizio, often underestimated for its sober facade, but once inside, you’re sure to be surprised by the beauty and uniqueness of the frescoes. It is truly the Milanese Sistine Chapel, painted by the students of Leonardo.

The final stop is the church of San Satiro, with its magnificent Neo-Renaissance facade. The unique element of this church is that the inside, thanks to an optical illusion, seems larger than what it really is. A project of the genius Bramante!

This tour truly takes you back to the Renaissance era and lets you learn about Milan’s hidden treasures. It’s a unique experience!